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hearts change color like leaves

"he was the first boy i liked, who wore tight shirts."

"i LOVED HIM. everyday at softball practice his car would break down right in front of the field and he'd get out of his car and pop the hood and lean over it and i would juat watch him. and then after a while his friends would come with jumper cables and start the car. then he'd leave. and it happened everyday. i loved him."

"i just want to slap him in the face! and then have sex with him.."

alex "do you want a marshmallow?"
jam "nooo!! i'm on a diet!! i already had a sausage sub today!!"
alex ".... uh marshmallows aren't like all"
jam "its the shape! its the shape diet!"

some times i think i have wayyyyy too much fun with my friends. i've laughed so much this weekend. you have no idea.

friday ness and i looked through her baby pictures..cutest baby ever. after me that is. then we went to my dads house and my daddy made ness a cheeseburger because PL burned down. i had a veggiburger. thennn i bought stuff for my sister to make smores. jamIE came over. then we left and got MJ and went to nesses and sat around and laughed. then to the show..kinda. we "hung out" in the parking lot. then space party. SKETCH. sketchy sketchy boys were hitting on ness and mj..i hid in the corner and held onto jamie. mj attacked jamie like 8 times. SCARY. then i left and went to bed.

saturday slept wicked late and it was wonderful. worked from 5-9 and it was hell. it hasn't been that busy in 1986218725 years..constant lines...and we were understaffed. after jam came over and eventually ness. ness was MIA for most of the day. um that was it. i think i'm finally un-sick. colds are lame.

today = homework. maybe deerfield fair? we'll see. or maybe i won't do anything and just sit inside and cuddle with myself and watch movies. that's sounding much better right now.
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