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blue eyes

SO i'm am offically 18 and legal(as of yesterday). I feel old. kinda. in a good way old.

ness/jam had me buy them cigarettes yesterday. and the bastards didn't even card me. i mean honestly, i so don't look 18.

school is insane. soo much to do with no time to do it in. we're doing a mock election in mr. lachapelle's hon civics and gov't class..its fun, i'm really starting to get into it. i'm part of the democratic national commitee so i get to plaster the school in liberal propaganda and get people to register to vote ect. Democrats are so gonna win, its not even funny. Our artistic skill as a committee ALONE is going to crush the conservatives.

photo is coming along slowly. taking it this year i really realize how mrs. walker knew absolutely NOTHING about photography. o-well.

the whole college thing is pretty overwhelming. especially since mrs fitzgerald continues to come into our ap eng class and tell us all how we're not going to get into good schools because its far too competitive. seanna and i are tied for valdictorian, same exact gpa to the thousandth of a decimal...its great i love it. i wish they wouldn't re-calculate it because we want to give the graduation speech together. we may just decide to do that anyways....

um..i finally quit blockbuster. i gave them my two weeks notice last week so i only have 1 week left. and what a great feeling. of course i'm also not going to have any money but shh. i'll sell my body on the street or something creative like that.

and its party time tonight.
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